I've had the pleasure of knowing a few local musicians. I would - on occasion - throw some of their songs into my Burlap Bag and see what happened.


Zollie                     Tim
Jason                     Brad

Somewhere between Tallahassee and Atlanta, The Sight-seers crafted a gritty, sparkly bag of pop-rock. Their debut album, Fun-seeking with The Sight-seers is worth finding and holding onto.

Living and performing where they did, the quartet also found themselves under the remixing microscope of Scott Herren, aka Prefuse 73Savath & Savalas, and Delarosa & Asora -- via his Crush the Sight-seers EP... 

Meanwhile, Burlap was quietly building his own re-imagined deconstructions in deep seclusion. Volume One came as a surprise to most, but singer Zollie Maynard's studio vocal track to "Continuum" was gifted to Burlap for an extensive playlist in Volume Two.  

Here is a short selection from both releases, along with the source tracks "Draggin' the Main" and "Continuum".

vol. 1 released under the alias 'GForce'
Vol. 2 features John Swan on trumpet


This quartet puts the 'mental' in instrumental. With the sprawl of Los Angeles as their backdrop, their debut release Comb in Blue Water is a twangy stew of rock, jazz, surf and hipster swing that wiggles your earbones.

Burlap latched onto the downtempo track "I Rose In A Field" and took it for a test-drive. Listen HERE as a reference point, then explore Burlap's detour...
SPYCAR Remixes 

Miss P. Pyre has been working the synthesizers since '96. Her original Venus Virus EP is currently Missing In Action, but the re-workings are here just for kicks...
Three Words = Throw Reeds / Angeles = Angf / Severina = S&M Library Poets


My Friend has a cat named Mr. Kittus. He wrote an instrumental new wave song years back and then I fed it into my Burlap Gears. Includes ultra-rare original cut with original cat.
Mr. Kittus Goes To Town


Another friend of mine said there was a fan-based tribute album being put together for The JBC, and wanted to contribute. The track was submitted to the project developers and here was the the response:

Chinatown (Gong Factor Mix)
"All right, it was written in all innocence, but I probably had a slap coming over this one. Thing is - I love it. I love having my bass playing sampled. I love the mental-olliental noises. I love the kung-fu fighting break in between verses. This tune had jaws dropping and toes tapping at the JBC ranch. We hear Sumo, we hear Black Eg, we hear Screaming Jay Hawkins. We hear healthy disrespect, serious sampling espionage and a rampant imagination. We hear all the stuff we love to hear. Eastside!" - Pat Fish

Here's the original: CHINATOWN
And then the remix: CHINATOWN (Gong Factor Remix)

"Phenomenal pianist of the avant-garde." The Village Voice

From Wikipedia:
Her playing was described by Morton Feldman, on the occasion of the premiere of his work Triadic Memories as follows: Aki Takahashi is very different. Takahashi appears to be absolutely still. undisturbed, unperturbed, as if in a concentrated prayer... The effect of her playing on me is that I feel privileged to be 
invited to a very religious ritual.

This EP is for the artist as much as the art she plays.




The One Dawn / The One Dusk is a remix of a song two songs all the songs from the full-length release Metal Resistance.


The Charlie Daniels Band
... and why not?