Sunday, December 11, 2011

8 LEGS: The Most Underground Chicago Band Ever.

8 Legs did not perform live, except for one another. Rehearsing was something meant for other bands who aspired for other things. 8 Legs was founded by (L-R) Jenny Koo, Scott Hasler, Glenn Swan and Rob Sandmaier, who would swap instruments periodically for a stew of spontaneous alt-wave lo-fi synth-prog-folk-rock. Depending on who was in the studio [aka The Queen's Hutch], tracks were released under aliases like Balls!, iNFANT iSLAND, Princess F*Steak, Grover Force, The Poo C's, Optional Music and 10 Dogs. Along with their friend and frequent collaborator Doug (not pictured), the collective would record many hours of material which would occasionally be polished and brought to the surface for further inspection. There were also times Glenn would bring the master tapes back to his own studio for additional (blasphemous) remixing, rearranging and other production elements. After all this time, the tentacles have released their tight grip on the treasure chest, allowing a few pieces of rare unpolished gold to spill.      :: 8 LEGS ::


  1. I would like in posting comments! You are writing it late, this! Is it having a spider?!

  2. Maybe got through 6 legs so far and a few bonus legs. So nice to hear the old stuff repackaged. I loved interpreting the member's through song choices.

    Scott: all songs sung by Jenny and Rob. Hey, those guys should form their own band.

    Rob: freak songs.

    Glenn: heavy balls.

    Jenny: hey, I don't remember how this song goes. Put it on my list.

    Peace out to MattG.